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  Some Reasons why Master Masons join the

Scottish Rite of Freemasonry  


·          To every Master Mason who is desirous of more light and a better understanding of Freemasonry, the Scottish Rite appeals, Because: 

·          IT offers an unsurpassed field for the study of Masonry. 

·          IT enlarges upon and explains and applies the symbols of Masonry. 

·         IT exemplifies and makes clear the truths and allegory of the Blue Lodge. 

·          IT presents an unequaled opportunity for the practical demonstration of the teachings of Freemasonry. 

·          IT gives you a fellowship in its literature, with the deepest minds and purest character of Freemasonry. 

·          IT allows you to participate in the glorious work of spreading the propaganda of the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man. 

·          IT gives you a greater incentive to higher thoughts and nobler deeds, because of a greater knowledge of your responsibilities and the history of the institutions of the Scottish Rite. 

·         IT creates within you a greater love for chivalry; a greater respect for philosophy, and a never-ending love for your mother Lodge. 

·          IT enjoins on every Brother the support of the American Public School, non-partisan, non-sectarian, efficient, democratic; for all the children of the people; equal educational opportunities for all. 

·          IT inculcates patriotism, love of the flag, respect for law and order and undying loyalty to constitutional government. 

·          IT carries out the sublime principles of Masonry by cooperating in every way with the Blue Lodge, by maintaining an ever-increasing interest in Masonry. 

·          IT brings the Brethren from various Lodges together at frequent intervals whereby the spirit of Brotherhood and Fraternity is reflected in everyday living. 

·         To those who are interested in securing a broader understanding of Freemasonry and desirous of enlisting in a campaign as a militant champion of the American Public School and upholding and fostering of the American Way of Life, the Scottish Rite is an effective instrument for the promotion and maintenance of these objectives.









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